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In-home Appliances Repairs for Customers in Woodstock

Champion Appliance was established with the sole aim of providing you with honest and value-for-money service. If you find that your food is taking longer than usual to heat up in the microwave or your clothes are not ‘fold-ready’ from the dryer, contact us for servicing major home appliances as well as dryer repairs in Woodstock. Because of our constant aim to provide a quality service, we keep abreast of all the advancements in appliance technology which explains why we’re good at getting your appliance up and running again. We can install and repair:

Gas and electric appliances
Household appliances
Electric fireplaces
Cooking ranges
OTR Microwaves

Make Us Your Go-to Appliance Repair Professionals

At Champion Appliance, we offer both mobile and in-home repair services. We’ll try to resolve your issue over the phone, or someone will visit you within 24-48 hours depending on the urgency. Should your appliance need new parts, we’ll place an order and visit you again. However, we aim to provide a same-day-service and stock spare parts because we know it can be difficult to manage without an appliance that is perhaps a part of your routine. If you’d like us to visit to install a new appliance or need support to get your existing appliance back in working order, contact us now.

Free-standing and Semi-Integrated Appliance

Don’t let a broken appliance drain your pocket. We offer affordable repairs across Woodstock.

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