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Keep Your Dryer in Top Condition with Dryer Maintenance Tips in Woodstock

Dryer Maintenance Tips in Woodstock

Clean lit trap after every use
Once a year recommended internal dryer cleaning
Plastic venting not to be used
The length of your vent matters; check your installation manual for maximum length for your machine
Bounce sheets will build films on your moisture sensors; wipe them down every couple weeks if you use these
Check your outdoor vent every 6 months and through the winter to ensure it is not clogged
Dryer lint is a fire hazard

At Champion Appliance, we also provide offers on dryer repairs such as senior citizen discounts and regular cleaning at $99.99. In addition to advice on maintaining your dryer, here are a few tips on helping you keep your other home appliances in top condition.


Too large of a load size will not clean your laundry and might actually break the machine


Do not use too much soap! For a large load – ¼ cup is all that is required.
Do not overload your washer!
Top load – add clothes a couple inches below the rim, and loosely laid in the tub
Front loader - do not stuff clothes; you need to see the back of the wash tub.
Water needs room to flow through the clothes

we have to take pump system apart as the machine will no longer drain and function


It is not a garburator (small chopper blade to puree food reside only) rinse and scrape beforehand.
No food or garbage to be put inside
Clean your filters after every use or every couple uses. Rinse out spray arms if you notice it is not clean enough.
Do not use dish soap!
Very heavy dishes should be on the lower rack only

This will not give adequate air flow from the freezer to your fridge and ice will build up and the temp will start to rise


Do not overload your fridge/freezer or block vents.



Wipe any spills inside the oven cavity after it has cooled down, this will help with the new aqua clean in the newer machines.



Mr. Clean eraser will help remove water and food stains.

Appliance Not Doing Its Job?

You can contact us for advice to ensure you’re using your appliance in the right way.

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